Photo Art Filters: DeepStyle App Reviews

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I was up all night having a blast…..

No use

I tried a variety of photos and settings and they all came out looking terrible - very blotchy, bent and unimpressive. I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong. Would love a refund/return if I could get one.

Suggestions for improvement

I was hopeful, given that this app is entirely based on code writen for a Computer Science thesis by a Standford University student (J.C. Johns) but then taken by the app author. I hoped the code would be expanded upon and improved. It wasn’t. In fact, the license from JC Johns states that the code is free for personal use, but not for commercial purposes. The app author might be using all the computational bits from someone else’s work but not giving credit or any of the cash. That is one improvement that should be made. Another suggestion is to allow renaming of labels, both for opened subject images as well as for custom style images. Reordering them in their respective lists would be nice, as would creating folders or other hierarchy so that custom styles could be grouped together as needed. I created 40 custom styles to test the app and found the long horizontal scroll region annoying. If we can’t have folders to clean up the clutter, at least make the styles picker wrap across multiple lines as needed. I had to keep notes about styles and settings in the Notes app, because this app doesn’t allow users to make notes for anything. It would be great to have that as an object in the filters list, to the right side of the window. Let us save and name preset values for each style. Group Save, Batch, and Share on the left side together with the Open control. It’s bad UX to have me move my mouse all the way across the huge screen between file operations. I’d like to see more controls for my custom styles, as there are many controls offered for some of the built-in ones. At the very least, I’d like to be able to control iterations, and also determine whether I want to keep the original subject color palette or adopt to the style colors. For all sliders, I should be able to click the number and type in my own value. The sliders are too inaccurate and franly it looks stupid to have a setting of 0.517786 instead of 0.5. And why not make it friendlier for humans and just have it go from 0 too 100? Do the math on the backend, and don’t bother humans with the unusable details. FInally, I’d like to understand what Intensity and Density actually do. Here’s an experiment for all users: make and save a series of images using the same original input file, your own custom style, and only adjust the Intensity and Density. When Intensity is zero, the Density setting has absolutely no effect. It looks like a displacement map was used to warp the image a bit and it always looks exactly the same to my eyes. And when Intensity is low (<0.5) there really is no difference apart from some mild brightness changes when you tweak Density. Why bother? When Intensity is maxxed out (1.0), then there are some visual differences when you play with Density, but not too much. It feels as though when using custom styles, there really isn’t as much happening as I would expect. Other than this, it’s a great app and it has never crashed during my 10 hours of playing and testing. Keep up the good work!

Photo Art Filters: Deep Style

Pretty good little painting simulator. Very surprising results! Wish you could apply an opacity mask to it so you could control how much of the effect shows through. Still have no idea how the filters work to change the paintings, but is good for changing the appearance of old drawings I had made.

A waste of money!

I’ve used free apps that give a more professional look to the finished product. I’m very disappointed in the apps performance. It’s slow in the transformations and very blurry. I would like a refund!

This is a great little app!

Since finding and downloading this app, I have been having more fun creating art from my images. This app let’s me fine tune my style by using one of the built in styles and tweaking it to look the way I want my art to look. It’s simple and easy to use. There are a few things that would make it even better, but hey, it’s a free app so I’m very pleased!

Rip off

This says the app is FREE until you download it, then it’s $19.99. False advertising.


I have used many photo editing tools, but this is by far the easiest, with the unique yet classical style to it!

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